About Us

Hello Earth ,

Welcome to Roadtire.com .

About us –

Tire And Tyre’s Are The Same Term Used In Different Country’s  For Vehicle Tires Like Cars , trucks , Bikes Etc .

Every year there are lot of accidents and Life Loss Just because of some bad tires . People Lose quite a money just because they bought a bad tire Without Having Expert Opinion .

This Is Blog And Community where you can share all about Tire .We Are Committed To Give You Reviews and Information About Tires .  For Example Truck Tires , Car Tires , Bike Tires .

There are Some more Tires We Would Like to Share All About Semi Tires , Medium truck tires , Roadlux tires ,Chinese semi tires , Longmarch/Redial Tire , Chinese medium truck tires Any Much More .

We Will Explain Reliability And Origin Of these Tires . When It Come to Buying a Tire Most of the time We Depend On Few Key Points –

  •  Reliability and trust .
  • Grip and Mileage
  • Cost And Durability
  • How Do They Perform In Different Conditions And Weathers .


Our Goal –

We like to extend our hind and mind to focus On all expects of a tire and Suggest You The Best Available Options .

All Information We will provide on this Website will be free and Anyone is Welcome to Ask questions and share there experience with Your tire .

Telling All of you all About us is Exiting Because we have a team which includes tire Repairman , Tire Dealers And Serviceman .

We Also Go An Extra Mile to Get advice from tire manufactures to learn more about tires .

Lets Begin Our journey and Get the Honest Views And Reviews About Tires .

We do our complete research and Trends Before We give out the information But You must do your own research before taking any action .

Our Team –

Ted Gusikoski   Is the editor of this Community and blog . He is a tire Seller in United states and canada with 20 years of experience  . with his direction and Guidance we will explore all the information  about tires .

He Got all the connection and knowledge we seek to fulfill the need of this blog in terms of information . He Mostly Work on Ground to gather information and Reviews .

Indian Support –

We have a team in India that Supports All the Web development and promotion that happens to this website .

They Also help to Spread the word in terms of S.e.o and S.m.o .

That is  All About us For Now but we will update the information If Asked and needed .